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Maybe it just sags like a heavy load

Or Does It Explode?

17 August 1987
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I realize I've been here awhile and never filled this out. So here goes.

At this point in time, I am a 22 year old fourth-year college student at a tiny little college called Earlham that you've probably never heard of. When I am not in the tiny town of Richmond, Indiana I am probably in Nashville, Tennessee where I was raised. I am an english major which basically means I read all the time and then write ridiculously dorky things about what I read all the time. Occasionally, I get really excited about these things and have to go run around so I can digest the intense geekiness.

Basically I am a big dork that has been known to get ridiculously excited about books and tv shows or things associated with these books or tv shows. I also am an aspiring writer and basically have no other ambitions than this. XD But, you know...never say never I guess.

Other things I like: singing, horseback riding, animals of any kind, onions, spicy foods, the smell of gasoline, big storms, libraries, museums, lots an' lots of music, chocolate, and talking to people.

Also, I tend to be a little strange and have an even stranger family. Just, ya know, a sort of disclaimer there. Don't want you going into this thinking I'm normal or anything because that would definitely end in tragedy.

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